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Complete turnkey site and almost fully customizable as per need


Generate leads worldwide and make them future distributors


Product ready site helps you to sell more and earn good retail profit

Grow Big

Get growth like never before. Internet gives you real potential

Your Growth Ready Site

Think about your own site with all features without being a technology expert. No issue of hosting, designing or any kind of development.

IYou will love the features and functions which gives you power to meet your potential. With minimum effort, you can upgrade your sales and have more distributors. It will help you grow your business to next height.

Demo Site
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Your Identity. Market Your Site Address

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & others


Emails, Blog, Text, Whatsapp Conversations


Business Card, Brochures, Fliers and many more


All types of online/offline advertisement

Check Out Future Ready Features

Save Hosting Cost

Get out of hosting challenges. No need of hosting your site anywhere else and pay higher high fees and other related services.

No Script or Web Design

No Script or Web DesignNo Script or Web DesignNo Script or Web Design

Customize Everything

Almost every element can be completely customized, helping you modify anything. You may change each page on site, update videos, add, change or modify products & many more.

User Back Office

An interactive back office to modify your site at every angle and contact details. You can broadcast bulk mail to your leads or subscribers.

Product Ready

All products are already uploaded from each region with buy option button. Just update your distributor link and sell more products and earn retail profit.

Capture Leads & Autoresponder

All the leads get stored in back office who register on your site. Prebuilt mails automatically delivered on periodic interval to keep them engaged. Modify or broadcast your own messages too.

Independent Domain

You may choose subdomain we provide or buy your preferred domain. Publish  the site at your domain name like www.MyWebsite.com

Mobile Responsive

All your site is mobile responsive. Visitor on your site can have different experiences for desktop and mobile. It generates possibility to convert visitor a lead or customer.

Your Own Blog

There is a already set blog for you to write something about your business,your experience, your events your attended to catch the audience. Also it helps your site to rank higher on google.

Training Feed

Get training material like presentation, videos, documents etc to learn more about business and tools to grow your team. All available in backoffice and it gets regularly updated for you.

99.99% Uptime & Fast Speed

Always running system with almost no downtime. High server speed for faster page download for your visitors to quickly grab their attention.

Compliant *

All subsites are compliant with NHT Global policies and practice. It contains all types of disclaimers as footer on all pages. All logos are added with phrase of Independent Distributors and many more. Explore more on Demo site.

Sheak Peak of Back Office


Get Super Bonus with below fetures

Lead Capture Page

Subscribe section to capture leads or prospects to follow up to buy your product or join your team. All leads are get stored in back office and you may send mail to all in one go.

Demo Page
Lead Capture

How it Works, What you have to do


Register and activate your very own URL or sub-domain. Attract more prospects on your personalized site and let them contact you and learn more about your opportunity.


Enter basic details in your back-office: your website name, personal details, logo and distributor info. It contains pre-loaded products, opportunity, blog etc. and it is 100% customizable.


Hurray! You are ready and your site can now reach thousands of prospects worldwide. Promote your personalized site on different forums, meetings, social media and Grow Big.

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Many Features. Small Price
  • Hosting
  • Ready Design
  • Customize Control
  • Product Ready
  • Broadcast Emails
  • Autoresponder
  • Independent Domain
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Your Own Blog
  • Training Feed
  • Lead Capture Page
  • 99.99% up Time

No Hidden Fees   |   Super Low Cost to Start



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Taxes extra, if applicable as per your local regulations


Get Started
Taxes extra, if applicable as per your local regulations
Taxes extra, if applicable as per your local regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very user friendly system keeping newbies in mind. If you can use the internet and email, you may use this system. iGrowBig is designed keeping simplicity in mind. Slowly you may learn and can do wonders with this system. You may grow your business to new heights. Don’t worry; we will guide you at each step. We are committed to your success.
The subscription cost is US$11.99 per month. There is no hidden cost or any kind of upsell. All features are available with just US$11.99 per month. Yes, we mean it, there are no other charges. Once subscribed, you will be automatically charged each month on your billing date.
It depends on option you choose (independent domain or subdomain). For example, if you choose subdomain (www.YourName.livegrandlife.com), it will be activated within 24 hours. If you choose your own domain (www.MyWebsite.com), you will need to make changes to your DNS settings by contacting your domain seller/provider. After changing the setting on your domain, it will take 24-48 hours for your site to be activated. Believe us, it is not that difficult, we will provide you steps to do it and it is one time activity which takes less than 5 minutes.
Lead Capture page is provided as added bonus to you along with your pre-designed site. It is an independent page created to promote your site on different forums, social media, blogs etc. It will help you capture details of interested visitors in your business. All the relevant details of your leads get captured in the back-office of iGrowBig. You may also send them mail as per your convenience.
We welcome you to this business. You are going to make best decision of your life by becoming NHT Global independent distributor. With your hard work and company support, you may do well. Please contact us and we will help you to get started.
Almost everything! Yes, you can customize everything from home page to contact page. You can add, modify or delete the products, product categories , change the leaders you want to show, update about yourself, update your video images or links, logo and many more in our easy back office. Your site is ready with all the products. However, you may customize as per your need like adding or deleting any product. Once you make the changes in back office, it will automatically change it on your personal site.
Yes, you may cancel anytime. It will take 24-48 hours to cancel your subscription.

You need to update your NHT Global product page link and NHT Global new distributor joining link in back-office of iGrowBig at one place and it will automatically update all your products and joining links wherever it is needed on your personal site.

It will help the visitors to go on your distributor page of NHT Global to buy products or join your business. All the products will be directly sold by NHT Global thru your distributor link. iGrowBig takes to the respective link only.

You will also find step to step guide on how to extract NHT Global product or new joining link from your NHT Global back-office. Later you can use these links to update iGrowBig back-office.

Please note: NHT Global back-office is different than iGrowBig back-office. You need to update product and new distributor joining links in iGrowBig back-office which is taken from NHT Global back-office. All product page and new distributor joining link on your iGrowBig personal site take the visitors on your NHT Global distributor page for further action. iGrowBig has no linkage with NHT Global websites. Both are independent.

We kept in mind all the aspects like disclaimers, product claims, etc. However, we cannot control on the content you change/publish on your site. It is your responsibility to follow the compliances and guidelines providedby NHT Global. We are just providing technology to scale your business. Read all compliance, guidelines and other policies on NHT Global website. At the end, you are the controller of your site.
iGrowBig is designed for NHT Global only.  It is pre-designed with products and other information provided by NHT Global. However, you can customize all the pages/products/videos suited for your opportunity. We are here to help, let us know about your opportunity. We may build that for you.

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NHT Global Business Opportunity

his ready made site is only applicable if you are an NHT Global Independent Distributor. NHT Global is a Global company committed to wellness of people across the globe. There are numerous highly effective wellness, beauty, herbal and lifestyle products provided by the company. In addition they provide unmatched opportunity to earn additional income thru bringing more people to business like you. It works on concept of network marketing.

Once you become distributor, you may get discounted products and a system to introduce more people in business like you. You will earn with your effort as well as your team efforts. Contact us today if you would like to become An NHT Global Independent Distributor

Site Disclaimer: This is not an NHT Global website. All sub sites provided by this platform is not owned by NHT Global. This platform gives you more power to grow your business and all best possible effort is done to easy for you. However, you will own your site and its content thereafter.

Product Disclaimer: Product statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. NHT Global is not responsible for any testimonials if presented on this website. It is personal experiences and may vary from person to person. Please consult your physician or health care professional as appropriate before use.

Income Disclaimer: All references to income, implied or stated, in the NHT Global Compensation Plan are indicative. NHT Global and our site do NOT guarantee that anyone will earn any level of income or any income at all. Earnings from the NHT Global Compensation Plan, if any, will depend solely on each person’s effort, skill, and ability.

* Compliant: We kept in mind all the aspects like disclaimers, product claims, etc. However, we cannot control on the content you change/publish on your site. It is your responsibility to follow the compliances and guidelines provided by NHT Global. We are just providing technology to scale your business. Read all compliance, guidelines and other policies on NHT Global website. At the end, you are the controller of your site.